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Migrator for GroupWise 4.7.1 - Scenarios Guide

About this guide Scenarios overview Migration to a proprietary Exchange target
Pre-migration preparations Batch migration process Post-migration activities
Migration to Office 365
Migration to Office 365 Pre-migration preparations Batch migration process Post-migration activities
SSDM (per-desktop) migration

Step 4 (optional): Prepare for any future migration

NOTE: Optional (But Recommended) Step: Even if you are certain you will have no need for any future migration, this step is still a good precaution.

In preparation for the possibility of future migration requirements (e.g., archives), you may want to consider (either):

Step 5: Post-migration "cleanup"

If you will not need the GroupWise environment after the last user is migrated:

If you were using SMTP subdomains for mail coexistence: Delete the temporary MX domain. This is the temporary subdomain you created in the Pre-Migration Preparations, to support routing between GroupWise and Exchange during the transition. Now that all users have been migrated to Exchange and inbound traffic is routing directly to Exchange, the mail-forwarding rules and temporary subdomain should no longer be required.

Migration to Office 365

Migration to Office 365

Migrator for GroupWise can be used to migrate to Microsoft’s Office 365 ("the cloud"), but the admin accounts must be configured differently than when migrating to a local Exchange. This is because the hosted Office 365 services are shared resources controlled by an external hosting entity (Microsoft), so access to remote hosted mailboxes must be enabled by the hosting entity. Access to Office 365 must be set at the mailbox level using Remote PowerShell, as documented later in this chapter—see Establishing permissions and access to Office 365.

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