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Migrator for GroupWise 4.7.1 - Release Notes

Installation instructions

You may check either target option, or neither, but not both.

Mark the appropriate checkbox if you want to run the wizard (recommended). If your migration server is configured with an antivirus product other than:

... see Specifying antivirus software for the MFG Prerequisites Checker in the MFG Quick Start Guide for information about how to specify an alternate antivirus checker.

NOTE: The checker can also be run independently from your Windows Start menu, in the Quest | Migrator for GroupWise group. The Prerequisites Checker log file is written to %SystemDrive%\ProgramData\Quest\.

Be sure to see Product licensing above before trying to configure or run any MFG component.

More resources

Information about MFG, including all product documentation, is available from Quest support portal at:

The Migration Online Community is an interactive online community dedicated to issues relating to:

The community is designed to foster collaboration between Quest Migration experts and users. It’s a place where you can:

You can browse around the forums and the library, but to take full advantage of the community, post new threads, respond to messages from others, and rate our documents and downloads, you must Join the community. If you already have a Quest account or are a member of another Quest community, simply Sign in. The Sign in and Join features are both available from links near the top-right corner of the page at the Quest Windows Management and Migration Community.


This section contains information about installing and operating this product in non-English configurations, such as those needed by customers outside of North America. This section does not replace the materials about supported platforms and configurations found elsewhere in the product documentation.

This release supports any single-byte or multi-byte character set. In this release, all product components should be configured to use the same or compatible character encodings and should be installed to use the same locale and regional options. This release is targeted to support operations in the following regions: North America, Western Europe and Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, Far-East Asia, Japan.

This release has the following known capabilities or limitations: Some limitations of 3rd party products (Novell GroupWise).

About us

Quest provides software solutions for the rapidly-changing world of enterprise IT. We help simplify the challenges caused by data explosion, cloud expansion, hybrid datacenters, security threats, and regulatory requirements. We are a global provider to 130,000 companies across 100 countries, including 95% of the Fortune 500 and 90% of the Global 1000. Since 1987, we have built a portfolio of solutions that now includes database management, data protection, identity and access management, Microsoft platform management, and unified endpoint management. With Quest, organizations spend less time on IT administration and more time on business innovation. For more information, visit

Technical support is available to Quest customers with a valid maintenance contract and customers who have trial versions. You can access the Quest Support Portal at

The Support Portal provides self-help tools you can use to solve problems quickly and independently, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Support Portal enables you to:

This product contains the following third-party components. For third-party license information, go to Source code for components marked with an asterisk (*) is available at

Apache Lucene 2.4.1

Apache 2.0

AutoMapper 3.2.1

MIT License

Google APIs Client Library for .NET

Apache 2.0 License

Google APIs Client Library for .NET 1.8.2

Apache 2.0 License

Google Data API SDK ( Setup 1.8

Apache 2.0 License

Google Data API SDK( Setup

Apache 2.0 License

Log4Net 1.2.13

Apache 2.0 License

SQLite 3.6.23

TZ4Net Library 3.9.4

This product includes software developed by Zbigniew Babiej



Mozilla Public License (MPL) 1.1

© 2019 Quest Software Inc.
Refer to our website ( for regional and international office information.
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