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Migrator for GroupWise 4.7.1 - Quick Start Guide

Uninstalling Migrator for GroupWise

From your Windows Start button, select Settings | Control Panel.
Double-click Add/Remove Programs.
Select Migrator for GroupWise and click Remove.

Evaluating Migrator for GroupWise

If you have installed Migrator for GroupWise with an Evaluation License, you can now perform a migration with a small representative sampling of your actual data, to see how these tools would work for you.

These instructions will guide you through an actual migration for a comparatively small volume of data. Migrator for GroupWise does not change or delete any data within the GroupWise system. It is safe to use a portion of your production GroupWise environment for your evaluation.

On the Directory Exporter Finished screen: Note the directory locations for the .csv data files:
AddressTranslation.csv: by default in Program Files\Quest\Migrator for GroupWise\Shared\ for a 32-bit OS, or Program Files (x86)\Quest\Migrator for GroupWise\Shared\ for a 64-bit OS
UsersToMigrate.csv: by default in Program Files\Quest\Migrator for GroupWise\ for a 32-bit OS, or Program Files (x86)\Quest\Migrator for GroupWise\ for a 64-bit OS
In the directory identified in the previous step, copy the UsersToMigrate.csv file to Migrun1.csv. This file contains a list of all the users in the GroupWise directory.
Add a Password column to the table, and add the users' GroupWise passwords to this column.

The instructions from the next step forward cover the most common usage, for migration to a proprietary, local Exchange system, but you may select alternate options. See your Migrator for GroupWise Scenarios Guide for more information about other scenarios.

Specify Data for Migration: Mark all of the checkbox options. Leave the File contacts as ... option set to its default: Use current display name.

If you need any help with the evaluation process, please visit our Support Portal at for extensive troubleshooting information, and answers to frequently asked questions. Our Support Portal also lets you request more personalized assistance from Quest Technical Support.


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