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Migrator for GroupWise 4.7.1 - Quick Start Guide

Migration process (per migration group)

Most organizations migrate their users in a series of groups over a period of days, weeks or even months. In this scenario, an admin performs the migrations for groups of users by changing their GroupWise passwords to a common value for access to their source accounts. All of the tasks and conditions noted in the preceding section are prerequisites to the migration of the first user group.

This process is illustrated in the flow chart below.

Our project includes directory coexistence by Quest CMG, and our organization has hired six new people since the last run of the Directory Exporter. We therefore perform two updating tasks before we begin migrating user data:

Next, we define the current migration group in a .csv file. We copy UsersToMigrate.csv (generated by Directory Exporter) to another filename, and then edit the copy (in Microsoft Excel) to remove the users who will not be in this group.

We then run Migrator for GroupWise’s Admin-Driven Batch Migrator for the users in the .csv file, to:

Set users' visibility to None in the GroupWise directory (to prevent migration and synchronization of duplicates in AD and NDS); and

Next we run CMG’s Directory Connector again to perform a reverse synchronization of the two directories, from Exchange back to GroupWise. And then we run Migrator for GroupWise’s Admin-Driven Batch Migrator a second time to migrate user data from GroupWise to the Exchange environment.

Finally, if the program migrates any data to Outlook Personal Folder (.pst) files, we must either distribute the newly created .pst files to users' desktops, or notify users of the locations of their new .pst files, so each user can specify the location in his or her own desktop copy of Outlook.

This process, beginning with the re-run of the directory synchronization and the Directory Exporter (if necessary), is repeated for each group of migrating users.

Post-migration activities

When all the users have been migrated, we run the Batch Migrator program once more to copy GroupWise public distribution lists (PDLs) to Active Directory, where they are provisioned as AD distribution groups. (PDLs are typically provisioned separately, after users are migrated in the batch-migration process.)

Finally, we verify that the old GroupWise server is idle (no longer processing any mail traffic), and then delete the temporary domain, and decommissions the GroupWise server.


Getting started

Product licensing

Quest Migrator for GroupWise is a metered-use product that requires the application of a valid license key. Quest sells license keys for particular numbers of users to be migrated. When the limit is reached the software continues to function nominally for users that have already been migrated, but will not migrate additional users. The same license is used for all product functions for a particular user. That is, when any feature of any Migrator for GroupWise component is applied to a particular user, then all features of all components can be applied to the same user under the same license. Moreover, users can be re-migrated (if necessary) using the original license; remigration does not require an additional license.

You can obtain your first or a subsequent license key by contacting a Quest sales representative. For either a trial or perpetual license, the key takes the form of a file GroupWiseMgrEX_4-###-#####.asc (where ###-##### represents your unique license number) attached to an email sent to you from Quest Licensing.

The product will install without a license key, but will prompt you to apply a license key the first time you try to run the software. You will be prompted to find and specify the license key file that Quest provided.

To install a Migrator for GroupWise license key (or upgrade/extend an existing license key):

Copy to your Desktop, or to some other convenient location, the license file (GroupWiseMgrEX_4-###-#####.asc) sent to you by email from Quest Licensing.
Once the software is installed, run the Admin-Driven Batch Migrator program. The Welcome screen shows any previously installed licenses. To install a new license (or upgrade/extend a previously installed license), click Update your license.
In the License Update dialog box, use the Browse feature to locate and specify the Quest license file you want to install. Select the file in the list, and click OK.

The program returns to the Welcome screen after you enter the new license information.

An Evaluation (or Trial) License is intended to let you try the Migrator for GroupWise software in your own environment, with your own data, to help you determine whether Migrator for GroupWise’s capabilities are suitable to your needs. Under an Evaluation/Trial license, therefore, the program stamps a "MIGRATION EVALUATION" prefix into the Subject of every migrated message, and also imposes these limitations:

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