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Migrator for GroupWise 4.7.1 - Program Parameters Reference Guide

Introduction Parameters for Administrator Components Parameters for the SSDM

gwdirapp.ini [GroupWise] section

gwdirapp.ini [GroupWise] CustomAttr[#]=<AttributeName>
Each CustomAttr[#] parameter in gwdirapp.ini specifies a GroupWise custom directory attribute whose values you want the Directory Exporter to capture and export to the csv data files. Another set of parameters in adobjmerge.ini can then map the same attributes from the csv file to Active Directory, so the AD Object Merge tool can migrate the attribute values when provisioning objects to AD. The gwdirapp.ini CustomAttr[#] parameter(s) here define which GroupWise custom attributes you want the Directory Exporter to capture. For example:
You may define as many as 20 additional attributes, CustomAttr1 through CustomAttr20. The Directory Exporter then exports the values associated with the defined attributes and saves them in its csv data files. In short, the CustomAttr[#] parameters in gwdirapp.ini map GroupWise custom attributes to particular columns in the csv data files, and the CustomAttr[#] parameters in adobjmerge.ini map those columns in the csv files to particular AD attributes.
This parameter corresponds to a GUI element in the Directory Exporter: the GroupWise Soap Server URL field in the GroupWise System Information screen. The value specifies the location of the GroupWise SOAP web service. This parameter is optional, but will help resolve a duplicate-meetings issue that can occur in some scenarios in some environments where Quest CMG coexistence product is also deployed. When a GroupWise user creates a meeting in GroupWise, and then changes it (or changes one instance of a recurring series) after he/she is migrated, the invitees' calendars may show duplicate instances unless the SOAP service is enabled and its URL is specified. This solution works only for GroupWise 8 and later (not for GroupWise 7).
gwdirapp.ini [GroupWise] InternetDomain=<>

gwdirapp.ini [userlist] section

gwdirapp.ini [Users] section

gwmigapp.ini(Administrator-Driven Batch Migrator)

The gwmigapp.ini has the following sections:

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