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Migrator for GroupWise 4.7.1 - Pre-Migration Planning Guide

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Product components

Migrator for GroupWise contains several related applications, which may be used in various combinations to accomplish a wide range of migration strategies:

Directory Exporter: Extracts user data from the GroupWise directory to build four data files, which will provide necessary source data to other Quest applications.
AD Object Merge Tool: Merges users’ GroupWise addresses into AD security objects, to mail-enable the accounts. Also, if the program finds Exchange Contacts for users who also have AD accounts, the program merges some of the Contact attributes into the corresponding accounts, and then deletes the Contacts, to merge the pair into a single mail-enabled security object per user.
Addproxy Utility: Automates the process of setting GroupWise proxy rights for migrating users. (Used only for administrator-driven migrations when resetting users' GroupWise passwords is impractical or otherwise inadvisable.)
Administrator-Driven Batch Migrator: Used by an administrator to perform various combinations of these tasks for the users identified in a user-list .csv file:
Admin Account Pool Utility: Helps an administrator manage a "pool" of Office 365 admin accounts to improve migration throughput to Office 365 within the constraints of Microsoft throttling limitations.
Discovery.exe: Pre-migration discovery tool that collects mailbox and archive information. This information is written to a csv file, and can be used to plan a migration.
Self Service Desktop Migrator (SSDM): Used by end users, or by administrators on behalf of end users, to extract users’ GroupWise data and migrate it to Exchange.
Log File Viewer: Simplifies the viewing and interpretation of Quest program log files, which are generated by most Migrator for GroupWise components to document process errors and warnings.
Migrator for GroupWise Prerequisites Checker: Scans the environment to determine whether it conforms to the system requirements for the Migrator for GroupWise applications. The Migrator for GroupWise Prerequisites Checker looks for required software and settings, connectivity, permissions, and access rights.

The Migrator for GroupWise Administration Guide, Quick Start Guide and SSDM User Guide provide complete operating instructions and applications notes for all of these Migrator for GroupWise components.

System requirements

Account permissions and security considerations for migration to a proprietary Exchange target

This section applies only if you are migrating to a proprietary Exchange target. If you are migrating to Office 365, skip ahead to Account permissions for migration to Office 365.

Different organizations have different network security standards that determine the number and configuration of user accounts necessary to perform a migration. It is possible to configure a single migration admin account in Active Directory with all the necessary rights in both AD and Exchange to run a full migration. But many organizations prefer, and Quest recommends, not to concentrate so much administrative authority in a single account. The alternative is to configure two separate accounts, each with more restrictive access rights to perform different portions of the overall migration process: one account for access to Active Directory containers and data, and the other for access to Exchange mailboxes. We describe both approaches here.

To divide permissions between two accounts

One account is configured for access to Active Directory containers and objects, corresponding to Migrator for GroupWise’s AD Information screens. This account must be a domain user account with full access to the target OU. If the contacts will be merged with existing Active Directory user objects, the account must have full control of the OUs/containers where the AD user objects currently reside. This ensures Migrator for GroupWise has sufficient access to properly join to the merged user objects, and prevents the creation of duplicate contacts.

To Set AD Container Permissions in Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010 or Office 365:

... where <UserAcct> is the admin’s SecurityPrincipalIdParameter.

The other account is configured to provide Exchange credentials from Migrator for GroupWise, corresponding to Migrator for GroupWise’s Exchange Information screens, and must be configured with Receive As rights to each mailbox store. To set Receive As rights In Exchange 2016, 2013 or 2010, for all mail stores:

get-mailboxdatabase | add-adpermission -user <username> -extendedrights receive-as
Also, for Exchange 2016, 2013 or 2010: This admin account must be configured with remote PowerShell enabled, by this Exchange Shell command:
Set-User <alias> -remotepowershellenabled $true
... where <alias> is the AD account to which you are granting access.
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