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Migrator for GroupWise 4.7.1 - Pre-Migration Planning Guide

About this guide Introduction Critical considerations Other strategic and tactical issues Known limitations of the migration process Summary of features and capabilities

Migrating cached mailboxes

Before migrating a cached mailbox, make sure the user has connected recently to synch any recent changes. A GroupWise cached mailbox is like a cached Outlook mailbox in that both the server and the client should contain a copy of everything. The client works against its local copy, and synchronizes in the background with the server.

To migrate a caching mailbox, first login to the GroupWise client with the caching mailbox option selected. (Migrator for GroupWise will connect to GroupWise by the method the GroupWise client last used.) Then migrate the same as any other GroupWise mailbox. (This is true of both the Admin Batch Migrator and the SSDM.)

Migrating from an older version of GroupWise

Migrator for GroupWise does not support GroupWise versions earlier than 6.0. If you want to migrate to Exchange from an earlier version of GroupWise, you must perform a two-step migration with an intermediate server running a later version of GroupWise:

Accommodating known limitations and other special circumstances

Review the Known limitations of the migration process (Appendix A of this Guide), and determine how you will accommodate any that apply to your organization. Most or all may be insignificant to you, while some may require more elaborate strategies or work-arounds to mitigate their effects.

Identify any other aspects of the configuration that will require variations or extensions to the typical migration processes described in chapters 2 and 3 of the Migrator for GroupWise Scenarios Guide, and that are not already discussed among these strategic planning issues. Quest applications offer operational options that permit considerable flexibility in devising and implementing a suitable migration strategy wherever the circumstances of a given site require a non-standard approach. For information and help with any non-standard scenarios, please contact your Quest sales representative.


The Admin-Driven Batch Migrator and SSDM can detect if a GroupWise source item has been previously migrated, and if so will not create a duplicate item in Exchange. This feature can operate in either of two modes, determined by a boolean program parameter in the [Exchange] section of gwmigapp.ini (for the batch migrator program) and/or gwdtapp.ini (for SSDM):

... where the parameter value is a single digit, 0 or 1:

0 (Update mode): If the program detects a duplicate message in Exchange, the message will be deleted in Exchange and then remigrated from the GroupWise source.
1 (default): If the program detects a duplicate message in Exchange, the GroupWise source will not be migrated, leaving the previously migrated copy in Exchange.
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