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Migrator for GroupWise 4.7.1 - Administration Guide

About this guide AddProxy utility Directory Exporter AD Object Merge Tool Administrator-Driven Batch Migrator
Why and when to use the Admin-Driven Batch Migrator Before running the Admin-Driven Batch Migrator ... Online search feature Per-screen instructions and application notes Did it work? Remember to distribute any user .pst files
The Log Viewer Office 365 Admin Account Pool Utility Discovery utility

Settings Summary

Review the settings you have specified for this merge process.

If any settings are incorrect, use the Back button to correct the choices and values on previous screens. Then return to this screen to review and confirm them. When this summary of settings accurately defines what you want to accomplish, click Next to begin the run.


When you click Next from the Settings Summary, a status screen reports the program's progress while the process is running, and the program then automatically advances to the last screen (Results).


Review the process results. Click on Merge Report to view a .csv file of the results, or just click Exit.

This Results screen may also offer an Error Log Report button (not shown here) if the AD Object Merge Tool encounters any errors or warnings during the program run. If the Error Log Report button does appear, you should click it to view the program log and assess the severity of the errors or warnings. The Error Log Report button launches Quest Log Viewer utility (see The Log Viewer chapter) to help you interpret and resolve the errors or warnings.

Did it work?

A successful run of the AD Object Merge Tool will yield a single mail-enabled security object for each migrating user. Any Contacts that had been duplicates corresponding to existing AD security objects should now be deleted, and the surviving security objects should be mail-enabled with GroupWise addresses.


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