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Migrator for GroupWise 4.7.1 - Administration Guide

About this guide AddProxy utility Directory Exporter AD Object Merge Tool Administrator-Driven Batch Migrator
Why and when to use the Admin-Driven Batch Migrator Before running the Admin-Driven Batch Migrator ... Online search feature Per-screen instructions and application notes Did it work? Remember to distribute any user .pst files
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Before you begin...

If you want the program to identify users in AD by an Active Directory attribute, you must prepare the UsersToMerge.csv file before the program run. (The program can be told to identify users in AD by any of three methods, which you will specify in Per-Screen Instructions and Field Notes below.) If you choose to identify users by attribute, then the UsersToMerge.csv file must contain a SearchKey column to specify, per user, the attribute values by which users can be identified in Active Directory. The AD Object Merge Tool will prompt you for the name of the AD attribute that the program should read to identify users, so the per-user values for that attribute must be specified in the SearchKey column of UsersToMerge.csv prior to the program run.

Chapter 2 describes how Migrator for GroupWise's Directory Exporter can be configured to export GroupWise custom directory attributes into its csv data files. The exported attribute values are then available to the AD Object Merge tool as it provisions users into Active Directory. To do this, however, the AD Object Merge tool must be told which of these GroupWise custom attributes you want to assign to which AD attributes. You must therefore add another set of CustomAttr[#] parameter(s) to the [ActiveDirectory] section of adobjmerge.ini, as in this example:

The adobjmerge.ini attribute definitions must correspond exactly to those in gwdirapp.ini. For example, the above adobjmerge.ini parameters could have been defined to correspond to these already defined for the Directory Exporter:

In that case, the values for the GroupWise custom attribute Name_of_a_Group­Wise_Attrib will be assigned to AD's extensionAttribute14, since both are designated as Migrator for GroupWise's CustomAttr1.

Online search feature

Every screen in the AD Object Merge Tool offers an online search feature that opens a browser window to a Quest URL of online product resources, and relays a keyword search string to the URL to find pertinent information in Quest online documentation. To launch an online search:

The popup search prompt closes within the AD Object Merge Tool, which remains running in the background while the focus shifts to the browser.

Per-screen instructions and field notes

Start the AD Object Merge Tool from your Windows Start menu, in the Migrator for GroupWise program group. When you start the program, it briefly displays an introductory "splash" screen, and then its Welcome screen.


Review the Welcome screen, and click Next when you are ready to begin entering the values that will define this merge process.

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