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Migrator for GroupWise 4.7.1 - Administration Guide

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Why and when to use the Directory Exporter

Quest Directory Exporter gathers user information from the GroupWise server to create four data files that will later provide critical input data to the Quest migration and PDL-provisioning programs:

AddressTranslation.csv (in Shared subfolder, under Migrator for GroupWise program folder): Contains the display names, GroupWise addresses, and primary Internet addresses of your GroupWise users. Quest migration programs — both the Administrator-Driven Batch Migrator and the Self Service Desktop Migrator — use the information in AddressTranslation.csv to convert addresses in messages, address books, and frequent contacts to the appropriate Internet address for each user.
UsersToMerge.csv (in Migrator for GroupWise program folder): Contains the information the AD Object Merge Tool will need to merge Exchange Contacts into corresponding Active Directory accounts, to create a single mail-enabled security object per user in AD.
UsersToMigrate.csv (in Migrator for GroupWise program folder): A duplicate of Address­Translation.csv, to serve as a template for the creation of the user-list input files that identify which users to migrate in a particular run of the Administrator-Driven Batch Migrator. (The UsersToMigrate.csv is copied to another file name, and the copy is then edited — deleting all users except the ones to be included in a particular migration group.)
GroupsToProvision.txt (in Migrator for GroupWise program folder): Contains the information about GroupWise public distribution lists (PDLs) that the Administrator-Driven Batch Migrator will read to provision the PDLs in Exchange as distribution groups.

Since other Migrator for GroupWise components require these data files as inputs, the Directory Exporter must be run before the first run of the AD Object Merge Tool or any Migrator for GroupWise migration program. In our migration process instructions (in the Migrator for GroupWise Scenarios Guide), the first Directory Exporter run occurs in the Pre-Migration Preparations: step 9 if migrating to a local proprietary Exchange target, or step 8 if migrating to Office 365.

Then, throughout the migration period, the Directory Exporter should be re-run in every pass through the batch migration process loop (per user-list .csv file), as described in the Migrator for GroupWise Scenarios Guide. The Directory Exporter re-runs are necessary to update the program’s data files, following each directory synchronization, to accommodate staff changes recorded in GroupWise during the transition period.

To export GroupWise custom directory attributes

Migrator for GroupWise's Directory Exporter can export GroupWise custom directory attributes into its csv data files. The CustomAttr[#] program parameter(s), in the [GroupWise] section of gwdirapp.ini, let you define which GroupWise custom attributes you want the Directory Exporter to capture:

If you want to capture GroupWise custom directory attributes, you must define these parameters before you run the Directory Exporter. You may define as many as 20 attributes to capture, CustomAttr1 through CustomAttr20. The Directory Exporter will then export the data values associated with the defined attributes, and save them in its csv data files, so the information will be available to Migrator for GroupWise's AD Object Merge tool as it provisions users into Active Directory.

The AD Object Merge tool will need to know which of these GroupWise custom attributes you want to assign to which AD attributes. You must therefore add another set of CustomAttr[#] parameter(s) to the [ActiveDirectory] section of adobjmerge.ini, as described in the AD Object Merge chapter of this Guide.

After you have exported custom directory attributes into Migrator for GroupWise's data files, you can use them to sort and/or select the contents of UsersToMigrate.csv, to create migration groups (user-list input files) on that basis. You might, for example, create a migration group by selecting only users where the value of CustomAttr3 is XYZ.

Online search feature

Every screen in the Directory Exporter offers an online search feature that opens a browser window to a Quest URL of online product resources, and relays a keyword search string to the URL to find pertinent information in Quest online documentation. To launch an online search:

The popup search prompt closes within the Directory Exporter, which remains running in the background while the focus shifts to the browser.

Per-screen instructions and field notes

Start the Directory Exporter from your Windows Start menu, in the Migrator for GroupWise program group.

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