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Migrator for GroupWise 4.7.1 - Administration Guide

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Why and when to use the Admin-Driven Batch Migrator Before running the Admin-Driven Batch Migrator ... Online search feature Per-screen instructions and application notes Did it work? Remember to distribute any user .pst files
The Log Viewer Office 365 Admin Account Pool Utility Discovery utility

Online search feature

Every screen in the Admin-Driven Batch Migrator offers an online search feature that opens a browser window to a Quest URL of online product resources, and relays a keyword search string to the URL to find pertinent information in Quest online documentation. To launch an online search:

The popup search prompt closes within the Admin-Driven Batch Migrator, which remains running in the background while the focus shifts to the browser.

Per-screen instructions and application notes

Start Quest Administrator-Driven Batch Migrator program from the Start menu, in the Migrator for GroupWise program group. When you start the program, it briefly displays an introductory "splash" screen, and then its Welcome screen.

1: Welcome Screen

Review the Welcome screen and the displayed license information.

If you have obtained a more recent program license key than the one identified here, you may click Update your license to update that information and upgrade or extend your use of Migrator for GroupWise. If you do choose to Update your license, the program will return you to this screen after you have entered the new license information.

When you are ready to begin the substance of this program run, click Next.

2: Select Operations

This screen asks you which of the program’s features you want to use in this program run, and requires that you specify the type of Exchange network to which you will migrate. Enter the information, and click Next.

Four checkboxes let you mark the categories of operations (one or more) you want the program to perform:

GroupWise administrative functions: Select if you want to perform any of these functions:
Exchange administrative functions: Select if you want to perform any of these functions:
Migrate users: Select if you want to migrate users’ server-based data, and/or archives, and/or personal address books.
Provision distribution groups: Select if you want to provision GroupWise public distribution lists (PDLs) in Active Directory. If you mark only this option, then you can click Next and skip ahead to screen #10 (the intervening screens do not apply and do not appear).
NOTE: Technically you can Provision distribution groups (PDLs) in the same program run with other data-migration and admin functions listed here. But some admins report latency problems when trying to provision PDLs in the same run with other features. Quest therefore recommends against it unless you have some compelling strategic reason to use the program in this way. Our Batch Migration procedure in the Scenarios Guide suggests you Provision distribution groups in a separate program run, after you migrate the users.
NOTE: For the same reason, Quest recommends that GroupWise and Exchange admin functions not be performed in the same program run as Migrate users. Instead, Quest recommends you run the Admin-Driven Batch Migrator twice for each user group: first to perform the admin functions, and then again to Migrate users.
NOTE: The Provision distribution groups option will appear grayed-out (unavailable) here if the program cannot find the GroupsToProvision.txt file it needs to provision PDLs. If the program cannot find the file, it is likely that the Directory Exporter (which generates GroupsToProvision.txt) has not yet been run. See the step sequences in the Migrator for GroupWise Scenarios Guide for more information.
Target Exchange system: Select the migration destination environment from the drop-down list. If you select Office 365 (only), this checkbox appears:
This site is using Microsoft Online Services Directory Synchronization: Mark this checkbox if you will use the Microsoft DirSync tool to provision the Office 365 Active Directory by a directory synchronization from an existing local, proprietary AD. This method of provisioning will permit what Microsoft calls single sign-on, or identity federation, so your users can access Office 365 services with the same corporate credentials (user name and password) they already use for your existing proprietary AD.

Note that several of the feature options listed above will be available (in later screens) only for certain target Exchange environments. A feature that does not apply to a particular selected Target Exchange system will not appear in the on-screen lists of available features.

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