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Migrator for GroupWise 4.7.1 - Administration Guide

About this guide AddProxy utility Directory Exporter AD Object Merge Tool Administrator-Driven Batch Migrator
Why and when to use the Admin-Driven Batch Migrator Before running the Admin-Driven Batch Migrator ... Online search feature Per-screen instructions and application notes Did it work? Remember to distribute any user .pst files
The Log Viewer Office 365 Admin Account Pool Utility Discovery utility

About this guide

This Administration Guide is intended to provide operating instructions and application notes for all of the component applications of Quest Migrator for GroupWise.

This Guide is intended for network administrators, consultants, analysts, and any other IT professionals who will use the product or participate in planning for a migration project.

Other Migrator for GroupWise documentation

This Administration Guide is one of several documents that explain various aspects of Quest Migrator for GroupWise product. The complete documentation suite also includes:

Quick Start Guide: An orientation to the product's basic purposes and features, and to how its component tools are most typically used within the broader context of an overall migration project. Also includes instructions for downloading and installing the software.
Pre-Migration Planning Guide: Critical considerations and other strategic and tactical issues that an organization must consider and accommodate before beginning a migration project.
Scenarios Guide: Migration process instructions that show how Migrator for GroupWise tools and features can be used in a variety of migration scenarios— migrating to different target environments, with different preferences and under different circumstances.
Administration Guide: Operating instructions, application notes and screen-by-screen field notes for the administrator components of Migrator for GroupWise.
Self Service Desktop Migrator User Guide: Operating instructions, application notes and screen-by-screen field notes for the Self Service Desktop Migrator (SSDM) component of Migrator for GroupWise. The SSDM User Guide is provided as a separate document so that an administrator can distribute it to any end users who will run the per-desktop program.
Online Help: Context-sensitive field definitions and application notes for all of Migrator for GroupWise’s component applications.

AddProxy utility

Why and when to use AddProxy

Use the AddProxy utility if you have determined that this is the best way for the other Migrator for GroupWise applications to access your users’ GroupWise source data. This choice, and other options, are explained in chapter 3 of the Migrator for GroupWise Pre-Migration Planning Guide—see the topic Method of Access to GroupWise User Data.

The AddProxy program can be executed automatically from a network login script, and can therefore be virtually transparent to end users. As each user logs in to GroupWise, the AddProxy utility automatically logs the successful procurement of proxy rights for his or her account, in a .csv log file. The .csv log file can then serve as the user-list input file for Quest Administrator-Driven Batch Migrator program.

The AddProxy utility should be installed and configured to run early in the pre-migration process, as documented in the Migrator for GroupWise Scenarios Guide. AddProxy will run only upon each user's next login, but that may not be a daily or even weekly occurrence for some users. Quest therefore recommends that you install and configure AddProxy as part of the Pre-Migration Preparations. The process instructions then call for several other administrative tasks in the Pre-Migration Preparations and Batch Migration Process instructions before the first migration program run, which should allow enough time for most users to log off and back on again.

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