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Migration Manager for PSTs Enterprise Edition 7.2 - Release Notes

New Features

The following items were implemented in Migration Manager for PSTs 7.1

MacOS user mappings can be mapped to AD users. Matched users can be reset/deleted.


From the Manage > Schedule groups page now has an Email Notification option. When selected, users in the group (whose emails are set) are notified. The email template is in the Settings > Email page.


The Central Upload agent can now be configured to run at certain times.


A configuration can now be exported to CSV.



The following items were implemented in Migration Manager for PSTs 7.1.

The randomizer is now enabled by default. If the randomizer is disabled, the agent gets work according to the value in GetInitialWorkItemDelay


You can now see, in the log files, why a PST was skipped.


Settings Mode was introduced. It can be accessed from Environment > General > Settings Mode. 3 settings modes are currently available:

Demo mode: If selected, checks and scans are performed very frequently. This setting is best for demo environments.
Default: If selected, checks and scans are performed at intervals appropriate for a normal working environment.
Self-adjustment: If selected, the system self-adjusts check and scan intervals based on statistics of CPU usage.

NOTE: Self-adjustment mode is active until a different setting is applied.


The O365 sync task now works for multi-tenant environments.


Parameters can be added to the Windows Migration Agent > File Scanner page’s path expression.


When accessing Self Service in the Migration Manager for PSTs Helpdesk, the web portal now supports authentication via Azure Active Directory.


Uploaded files can now be moved from the Uploads directory to a different location, such as a local drive.


The File Scanner can now be configured so it won’t scan a laptop that’s running on battery.

NOTE: This configuration setting is only available for the Windows agent. It is currently not available for the Mac agent.


Using the Active Directory module, deleted users can now be disabled from being scanned.


Two fields were added to the List of Enabled Users in the web portal:

Last Agent Report

Last Scan

Times shown in these fields are converted from the machine.


A new Tenants section was added to the Settings > Environment > Groups page in the web portal where (if a user is a member of an AD group) you can assign administrative rights for certain tenants.


Enterprise Vault 12.3 is now supported.


You can now opt to not upload files that have the status Not a PST.


The PST Migration window can now be resized.


A progress bar now displays when files are being uploaded or data is being ingested into Office 365, Exchange, or Enterprise Vault. Progress bars display on the User and File pages.


The Migration Agent can now be used without an Active Directory (Windows) account.


The option to specify a tenant ID was added to the Migration Agent installer.


Users are now synced from Azure Active Directory to the Migration Manager for PSTs console via the o365 module, without use of the AD module.

NOTE: The Office 365 user synchronization task is disabled in Tenant mode.


File Scanner can now be configured so removable devices are scanned right after they’re attached.


PSTs can now be assigned to a leaver (or other user type) mailbox in the Shared files area of the web portal.


A new column called Last Discovery by Owner was added to the Users and Files pages.


Performance Improvements

The following items were implemented in Migration Manager for PSTs 7.1.

Agent errors can optionally be managed on the Core as events.

NOTE: This is not recommended for large organizations.


Now, the Central Upload Agent module processes only the PSTs discovered from users that have a profile with the same location as the module.


The installer can now run without the UI via a script.


HTTP and HTTPS Ports entered on the Create IIS Web Site window are now verified to ensure they’re not already in use.


A profile’s tenant is checked before a save. If a profile is assigned to a user who was previously assigned a profile with a different tenant, an error is returned stating Cannot assign profile. Also, if a profile’s tenant is changed while the profile is in use, an error is returned stating Cannot update profile.


The handling “forgotten” files (those that have already been uploaded) has been enhanced.


Maintenance Items

The following items were implemented in Migration Manager for PSTs 7.1.

Tabs were reordered to improve usability.


The Licensed Version no longer displays in the Core installation wizard.


DevExpress controls were updated to the latest version.


Menu buttons were extended and now include hover text.


The path for MacOS files used to be shortened using ~ and now uses …


Quest branding was updated.


Previously, the Due date didn’t display for Mac files. It now displays.


Previously, the priority didn’t display for Mac Profile files. It now displays.


Previously, private data was occasionally lost when different PSTs were deduped at the same time by different work item sets. This has been resolved.


In version 7.0, the copy location task failed for ownerless files that did not exist in backup. Now, if the file location changes, even if it’s the same upload location as before the backup started, it will successfully process.


In version 7.0, there was sometimes a backup failure when processing ownerless files using multiloc with the same UNC path for the upload. This has been resolved and the same UNC path can now be used for multiple locations.


Previously, log level pop-up window text didn’t display as expected. This has been resolved.


Previously, on the PST Migration window, it wasn’t clear what which areas were “clickable” and hyperlinked to more information. Now, you’ll see green arrows that you can click to access additional information.


Previously, when searching for users in the Helpdesk webUI, no users were returned. This has been resolved.


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