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Migration Manager for PSTs Enterprise Edition 7.2 - Administrator Guide

Supplemental Functionality

Migration Manager for PSTs has several features that are not required for a basic configuration but provide an enhanced, more robust, or more customizable experience. The features that are required for any given deployment will vary wildly and it is encouraged to discuss your needs with a qualified Migration Manager for PSTs Architect to determine which components are appropriate for you.

Custom Configuration

Migration Manager for PSTs permits the flexibility to support any size of organization. Smaller organizations may be well suited in utilizing a single configuration for all its users. A larger enterprise often has several conditions which make a “one configuration fits all” approach impractical. Migration Manager for PSTs is able to support the smallest branch offices while managing multiple large campuses within a single environment. To begin to support an enterprise’s level of complexity, Migration Manager for PSTs permits the customization of configuration settings within its environment via profile and location designation.


Profiles are the initial building block of the ability for a Migration Manager for PSTs to have the level of customizable configuration needed to support today’s enterprise. Profiles are used to permit an alternate configuration for users assigned to them. Examples where profiles may be of use are:

Profiles enable the assignment of unique File Scanner, Agent, Language, and Location configurations.


Locations permit work to be assigned into geographically appropriate groupings without the overhead of deployment and management of independent migration environments. This enables an organization to centralize and process PST files in data centers close to the users and their data. Enabling the ability to support multiple locations can reduce overall environmental network consumption and the time for project completion.

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