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Migration Manager for PSTs Enterprise Edition 7.2 - Administrator Guide


Migration Manager for PSTs is built on a modular framework that permits a nearly infinite number of solution design options. The architectural components of Migration Manager for PSTs can be summarized as those that are required for a functional environment and those that provide expanded and supplemental functionality to the solution.

Required Components

In its most basic configuration, Migration Manager for PSTs requires at least one server, a SQL database, and Migration Agents deployed. The actual requirements for a given project are dependent on the scope and limitations of the project. For a properly scaled environment, please consult a qualified Migration Manager for PSTs architect to review your environment and it's needs as it pertains to a Migration Manager for PSTs deployment.

Below is a diagram showing a high-level architecture of the required components for Migration Manager for PSTs and how they interact in a production environment.


The Core server is responsible for several aspects required for a functional Migration Manager for PSTs system. In a typical configuration, the Core server hosts the Migration Manager for PSTs Core service, the Internet Information Services (IIS) instance hosting Migration Manager for PSTs files, the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) upload directory, and any number of modules.

The Core service is responsible for communication with the Migration Manager for PSTs system database and execution of scheduled operations. All deployed agents also check-in and update the system through the Core server. Essentially, the Core service acts as the conductor of the entire solution.

A typical deployment of Migration Manager for PSTs begins with the installation of a Core server. In most environments, more than one Migration Manager for PSTs server is used, however for non-production installs it is possible to install all the components on a single server. Supplemental components may also be installed on the Core server, either from the Core installer itself or independent installers.


In Migration Manager for PSTs, a module refers to one of the components of the solution that run against successfully uploaded user data to a defined and centralized location. It is possible to categorize the Migration Manager for PSTs modules in three categories: pre-ingestion, ingestion, and post-ingestion modules. Although workflow order is configurable, the following categorization is based on a default installation with no modification in the workflow’s order.

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