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Migration Manager for PSTs Enterprise Edition 7.2 - Administrator Guide


The import feature empowers an Operator to delegate the creation of waves to project managers or other members of the business without the requirement of granting access to a Console. The feature's accessibility is controlled by the AccessImportUsers Action under Settings > Environment > Roles of the Admin Console.

Operational Activities

The operation of a Migration Manager for PSTs environment is something that requires daily effort and monitoring to ensure optimal throughput. Rate of centralization, rate of upload, size of available disk space, and module backlogs are just a small number of the areas of concern for a Migration Manager for PSTs operator. A failure to perform near daily operation activities could result in a large backlog of work to be performed.

Operational activities can begin at the point of agent deployment when the Discovery process begins and information related to ownership and scope of the PST problem an organization is facing begins to become clear.


After a Migration Manager for PSTs system is installed, there are some common steps that are taken through a project. For information related to the requirements or deployment of a Migration Manager for PSTs system, please refer to the appropriate guide. A Migration Manager for PSTs system must be configured and tuned appropriately. Best practices to maintain a computer operating system and a SQL database are recommended. Insufficient or contention for available resources will negatively impact the entire Migration Manager for PSTs environment. A common area neglected in a deployment is the SQL database. For more information on how to properly maintain a SQL database please view the posting on TechNet's site.

Initial Testing

In a freshly deployed environment that has a limited number of controlled agents, Migration Manager for PSTs can be configured to expedite testing. Once appropriate, an end to end test is recommended to ensure all components of the system are properly functioning.

Typically, an initial end to end test is done with the default configuration options enabled. Once confirmed to have been successfully completed, the system should be configured to the design of the project and consecutive testing performed. Changing settings once the Migration Agents are deployed may have undesired results.

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