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Migration Manager for PSTs Enterprise Edition 7.2 - Administrator Guide

File Action

This component of the Portal is about empowering the proper team members be able to resolve issues related to the migration without requiring the Migration Manager for PSTs Administrator or Operator’s engagement. PST migrations are complicated projects that involve many groups of the business to get the job done. The File Action component of the Portal presents issue specific web wizards to walk users through remediation of an issue with a file.

Take the following example. A file is being migrated that is presently destined for UserA's archive, but the product has not been able to gather sufficient information to ensure that the file belongs to that user. Migration Manager for PSTs has a configurable ownership certainty threshold and the ability to block files from being ingested which do not meet that minimum criteria. UserA's file was blocked from ingestion while someone manually approves the ingestion. If a file is blocked because of such an issue, the help desk could call the user to confirm that the data is theirs and they would like it migrated. Rather than communicating the decision back to the Migration Manager for PSTs Administrator or Operator, the help desk personnel could resolve the issue themselves via the File Action feature of the portal.

The File Action component of the Portal is associated with the AccessBusinessOperationsSection Action under Settings > Environment > Roles of the Admin Console.

Support Tickets

Migration Manager for PSTs has the ability to create, manage, track, and update project related support tickets for a specific user, file, host, or event. This feature enables Operators or other team members to be able to address the largest concerns of a migration, as well as track progress against problematic files. This product feature enables project management groups to streamline the troubleshooting and issue resolution associated with the project for a reduced impact to its end users. The Support Ticket portion of the portal is associated with the AccessIncidentsSection Action under Settings > Environment > Roles of the Admin Console.

Project Status

The project status reports are a series of reports designed to enable appropriate team members access to the data that is important to them. An Operator may wish to know what the progress day over day is while the Project Manager may want to see an overview of the entire project. There are three reports provided over the Portal to help to determine the status of a project.

The “Project Overview” report provides a high-level progress report on the number or volume of files Completed, failed, and remaining over a configurable period of time. This is a good measure to determine the current progress of the project and how far into it a migration team is.

The “Daily Progress” is a useful report to determine at a glance that everything is working as expected. It provides daily ingestion rate information for the past 24 hours. This can help you determine if more users need to be enabled and if you are maintaining the anticipated rate of ingestion through each day.

The “User Progress” report provides metrics on the number of Users with PST files identified and statistics related to them and their progress through the migration work-flow. These charts help to understand the nature of the PST problem identified and what the product is doing to resolve it.

The Project Status portal reports availability is controlled by the AccessReportsSection Action under Settings > Environment > Roles of the Admin Console.

Enabled Users

The “Enabled Users” report provides a list of all the users enabled for migration. It provides some high- level information related to their current status and progress, and a link back to the User Search page for that user. Its access is governed by the AccessProjectManagersSection Action under Settings > Environment > Roles of the Admin Console.

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