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Migration Manager for PSTs Enterprise Edition 7.2 - Administrator Guide


The Email sub-menu contains templates and configuration related to all email messages sent from the Migration Manager for PSTs environment. These messages include templates for the various stages of a migration project a user goes through, as well as notification emails that are sent to Migration Manager for PSTs team members responsible for portions of the migration. The grid seen in this section displays the template names and the type of email communication they are. All templates can be tested by selecting the applicable message, hitting the Test button on the ribbon, and providing the requested information.

There are two types of email communication in Migration Manager for PSTs. The first type is “Batch” email messages. Batch Email messages are triggered manually by the Migration Manager for PSTs Administrator by highlighting the applicable message and selecting the Batch Mail button on the ribbon. The resultant window will ask the email priority range that you would like to send the message to and have a button to send the messages. This will queue messages for delivery during the next scheduled send.

Automatic templates are sent when conditions for a user have been met. They can be configured to only be sent after a specific time and have a robust rules system that can be used to develop the conditions under each mail being sent. After enabling a template, the rules are evaluated regularly upon execution of a scheduled task.

When the conditions match, the message is queued for delivery during the next scheduled sending of content within the queue; then is logged as having been sent. Automatic templates can also be configured to only be sent once.

Templates can be edited within the XML initially provided after launching the Edit button or can be edited using the WYSIWYG button to launch a rich text graphical editor. If using the graphical editor and the communication requires images to be included, special consideration is required. After editing a template, it is encouraged to test the message prior to using it in production.

The options on the home ribbon for the Email sub-menu are as follows:



Refreshes data in the displayed grid



Adds a new email template



Edits an existing email template



Deletes an existing email template. Only user defined templates can be deleted

Batch Mail


Queues email for batch delivery



Sends a test email for a selected template


The Leavers O365 sub-menu contains the configuration required to leverage Migration Manager for PSTs to add orphaned PST files into your target system for compliance or legal search. The grid of this tab shows the licenses available for the environment and permits the designation of the number of licenses that will be used to facilitate this functionality. The options available help to define what the naming convention used to create new archives in the target will be, the usage location, email domain associated with the tenant, and the ability to set and configure legal holds against the migrated content.

Event rules engine

The Event rules engine option provides for the development and maintenance of workflows that define how various events are processed. Each event processed is given a threshold for the number of times an event happens before the action steps are taken. With this engine, you can define actions to take and notifications to be sent. Automatic actions such as agent reset can also be configured.

The steps to create an evet rule are:

The options on the home ribbon for the Event rules engine sub-menu are as follows:



Refreshes data in the displayed grid

Add workflow

Workflow settings

Adds a new rules workflow

Edit workflow

Workflow settings

Edits an existing rules workflow

Delete workflow

Workflow settings

Deletes an existing rules workflow

Edit rule

Workflow settings

Edit existing rule within a workflow

Add step

Workflow settings

Adds a step to an existing rule


Migration Manager for PSTs has a role based web interface designed to deliver information or decision-making authority to those in the organization who require it. The Migration Manager for PSTs Portal (Portal) empowers the Migration Manager for PSTs team to be able to do what they need to, when they need to, without requiring Operators, Administrators, or Architects to intervene. The result is a streamlined migration project with the proper team members being enabled and notified when appropriate for them to resolve the present issue. Throughout the Portal, selecting the Help icon can provide contextually relevant information to you when needed.

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