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Migration Manager for PSTs Enterprise Edition 7.2 - Administrator Guide

Schedule groups

Schedule groups allows an operator to schedule batches to be enable at a certain time/date, with a specific migration priority. Settings are available that can limit the number of people and/or volume for a given batch.

At the specified date/time, the users in a given batch are set to the specified migration priority as long the following conditions are met:

Office 365 mailbox information is obtained from the Office 365 user synchronization task. The options on the home ribbon for the Schedule groups sub-menu are as follows:


Refreshes the data


Adds a scheduled batch configuration


Edits an existing scheduled batch configuration


Deletes an existing scheduled batch configuration

Import users

Allows importing of a specifically formatted text file, or XLSX, to assign values to the fields associated with batch schedules

Set notifications

Allows setting an email address to receive notification when scheduled group is not enabled.


The Reports menu of the console is where an Operator or Administrator would go to get information related to the migration. Some of the content seen in this section is similar to data available through the Manage menu and is provided with alternate options in the ribbon. The following is a list of sub-menus for the Reports menu and a description of their functionality:


Provides data within the console showing the overall summary of the current migration status


Grid showing information related to users within Active Directory and the PST files associated with them


Grid showing details about PST files discovered on the system

Module Stats

Provides stats on a per file basis related to the number of items within a PST that were processed by a module, how many came out, and what the difference between the figures is

Ingestion Stats

Provides stats on the number of items failed or migrated by the ingestion task


Provides a listing of users and the workstations they were seen on throughout the discovery process


Provides a report of all comments made in any part of the product

Finalized users

Provides a report of all completed users, the time of their first upload, time of their last successful ingestion, and a summary of the data migrated


Provides report showing migration statistics grouped by the migration priority presently set

Failed Items

Reports on the items that failed ingestion. The list is generated when the Post-Processing – Items Details Report step in the workflow runs.

Schedule Groups

Shows configured schedule batch groups


Many reports in this section can also be exported to an alternate format for distribution or use outside of the product. All exporting options are available in the home ribbon of the console window and includes the ability to export to a number of formats. Selection of an export format will prompt you for where to save the file and show you the progress of the export.

Discovery Collection

Discovery collection is an optional feature that provides legal personnel the ability to select files to be collected for a case. PST files are collected with a six-step workflow.

The options on the home ribbon for the Discovery Collection sub-menu are as follows:


Refreshes the data

Add new case

Adds a case configuration

Delete case

Deletes an existing case

Reprocess case

Reprocesses the case after correcting failures

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