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Migration Manager for PSTs Enterprise Edition 7.2 - Administrator Guide



About Migration Manager for PSTs

Migration Manager for PSTs is an enterprise grade tool for the migration of PST files into a desired target environment. Migration Manager for PSTs is designed with the robustness to manage large PST file elimination or migration projects. Migration Manager for PSTs reduces the technical and logistic challenges organizations face while attempting to systemically address PST files. It operates as the core of such projects by centralizing tasks and communication throughout the PST migration and elimination process. From an initial assessment of an organization’s “PST Problem”, through all the challenges usually addressed by specialized IT professionals, to the ingestion into a number of target environments, culminating in the deletion of the last PST file in an organization; Migration Manager for PSTs is designed to reduce the time and level of effort required to discover, centralize, process, ingest, and eliminate PST files.

About This Guide

This guide is intended as a reference in the management, use, and understanding of Migration Manager for PSTs. This document was written for a technical audience whom are anticipating a base deployment of a Migration Manager for PSTs environment. It is intended to provide an overview and high-level understanding of the product. Large, complex, or constrained migrations should engage a Migration Manager for PSTs Architect to take the circumstances of your project into consideration.

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