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Migration Manager for Email Archives 10.0 - Release Notes

Release Notes

Quest® Migration Manager for Email Archives 10.0

Release Notes

August 2020

These release notes provide information about the Quest® Migration Manager for Email Archives 10.0 release.


About this release

Migration Manager for Email Archives 10.0 is a major release with enhanced features and functionality. See New features and Enhancements for details. These notes can also be found on the Quest Support Portal at

IMPORTANT: Special considerations might be necessary when upgrading large item databases.

New Features

The items below were added to Migration Manager for Email Archives 10.0:

Table 1: New Features

Enhancement Issue ID
Journal migration was split out into a separate product offering called Journal Commander. 90187


The following is a list of enhancements implemented in Migration Manager for Email Archives 10.0.

Table 2: General enhancements

Enhancement Issue ID
Dependency on TLS 1.0 and 1.1 during installation was removed. 94341
A Default policy was introduced for the RenameSourceArchive command. 59111
Support was added for SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). 86411
Exchange Online PowerShell commands can now be executed over modern authentication (OAuth). 89511
Provisioned leaver mailboxes are now limited to the value of the maximum rolling license count. 59093
For Exchange and Office 365 migrations, the ability was added to auto-disable mappings when specified errors are returned. 59098
The ability was added to permanently fail items for import on specified errors. 58336
Obsolete workflows are now hidden. 92709
The Failed Items page now shows tabs that separate out (and display the count of) failed items by type: import and export failures, and sender recipient collection failures in journal transformation migrations. 92743
It’s possible to automatically import items without Office 365 retention mappings. 93667
PST files can now be rolled over based on size or item count. It’s possible to configure the item count threshold for PSTs, which is the maximum number of items that can be in one PST. 89956
Support for Quest Archive Manager 5.7 was validated. 91577
Item routing was enhanced. 59090
O365 sync won’t assign a mailbox to use when two users have the same PrimarysmtpAddress and different UPNs. A new setting is available on the Office 365 Module where you can specify the preferred domain to be used when addresses are unclear. 95269

These commands were enhanced to contain information about source and target tags:

  • Get-ASStage1Statistics
  • Get-ASStage2Status
  • Get-ASMappings


Table 3: Performance Iimprovement

Enhancement Issue ID
It’s now possible to configure the number of concurrent ingestion batches via OAuth. The default number of batches is 5. 93062

Supported Source to Target Environment Combinations

These sources are supported:

  • Enterprise Vault
  • PST
  • Zantaz EAS
  • Sherpa
  • Quest Archive Manager
  • EMC SourceOne
  • EMC EmailXtender
  • Metalogix Archive Manager

These targets are supported:

  • Enterprise Vault
  • Exchange
  • Office 365
  • Proofpoint
  • PST
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