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Migration Manager for Email Archives 10.0 - Operator Guide

Reviewing Stage 2

This page shows an overview of all containers that have been switched to target and shows the status in the Stage 2 workflow.

NOTE: Additional columns are available if Advanced view is enabled (you can find this under the Views tab) though this makes the user interface slower if there are a large number of mappings.

As well as basic information about the source and target containers, you can see the current state of the workflow (enabled/disabled) and the command that is currently executing or to be executed. You can also see if the container has finished Stage 2.

The page allows sorting and filtering so that you can view just those mappings which are not finished. You can also review any issues with Stage 2 commands here, pause, resume, and retry steps or even change the workflow policy entirely and restart it.

Using the Failed Item page

Mappings that have some items that failed to export or import can be viewed on the Failed Items page. As mentioned earlier in the document, a small number of failed items can be expected in any migration. Migration Manager for Email Archives also tries to ensure any transient errors are overcome by retrying items up to 10 times before considering them as failed.

The Failed Item page can be used to view failures per mapping, reset error counts, retry items, and mark items as permanently failed, if required.

Completing your migration

The requirements at the end of your migration will have been discussed by your consultant during the installation, configuration and testing of Migration Manager for Email Archives. At a high level though the migration can be considered complete when all of the in-scope archives have been processed. It is normal to review:

Bulk Mapping page: Ensure containers that should be mapped have been mapped. Use filtering, searching, and tagging to help with making sure that there are no archives that should be migrated that haven’t yet been mapped.
Stage 1 page: Ensure mappings have progressed through the data migration stage.
Stage 2 page: Ensure all necessary post-migration processing is complete, and any issues are addressed or understood. This page can also be used to get overall counts of failed items per mapping.
Failed Items page: Ensure any mappings of interest with errors have been adequately investigated and remediated, if necessary.
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