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Migration Manager for Email Archives 10.0 - Operator Guide

What's the difference between retry-able errors and permanent errors?

When Migration Manager for Email Archives encounters an error during an export or import, the item enters a retry-able error state. At hourly intervals, that item becomes eligible to be retried and will be queued to be processed. This process repeats 10 times. After 10 times, the item is considered permanently failed. These items prevent mappings from proceeding through Stage 2 if the number of errored items is higher than the failed item threshold.

NOTE: For some migrations, certain errors are considered permanent failures. These are shown in the System Configuration for each module. They can be updated, if required. For export from Enterprise Vault:

Reviewing Bulk Mapping screen

In a previous section, the Bulk Mapping page was used to add new mappings. However, it can also be used to see if you have reached the end of your migration. You can filter the screen using several columns. For example, you can filter it to show only archives that are not mapped. Or, you can filter to include only archives with a particular tag, or with a particular tag and not mapped.

Knowing when your migration is nearly complete

During the migration, watch mappings as they progress through Stage 1 and Stage 2. You will also use several Migration Manager for Email Archives screens to review the list of archives that still need to be migrated. That list decreases over time. Eventually all in-scope archives are mapped and migrated.

A few tasks remain towards the end of a migration. They’re covered in this section.

Handling errored items

Individual mappings with errored items can be seen on the Stage 1 screen.

NOTE: Migration Manager for Email Archives tries an item 10 times before it’s considered permanently failed.

View an error’s details by right-clicking on a row on the Stage 1 page and selecting the Show failed items (shown below):

The failed item screen looks like this when reviewing the items for a certain mapping:

From this screen, it’s possible to retry items, reset error counts, mark retry-able errors as permanent, and more.

Ultimately, if items can’t be exported (or imported) then a failed item threshold should be implemented for a particular mapping.

NOTE: The project should already have a generic failed item threshold configured, but specific mappings might need to have higher values set.
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