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Migration Manager for Email Archives 10.0 - Operator Guide


This guide outlines some of the key activities that should be performed during an archive migration using Migration Manager for Email Archives. It is assumed that the reader has some knowledge of Migration Manager for Email Archives, and after working with Quest delivery resources the migration is well underway.

Who is the Operator?

Your idea of what an Operator is might differ from someone else’s. So, the definition we’re using is:

An Operator will not typically be involved in designing or building the migration environment. Nor will they be installing extra components or making large configuration changes.

Monitoring Migration Manager for Email Archives performance

An Operator should check a migration’s progress regularly. We recommend checking one or more times per day to ensure things are running smoothly. Performance is relative to what happened previously. Let’s say, for example, you previously saw export speeds of 50 GB/hour. When they drop to 30 GB/hour, you might want to conduct some investigation. Small drops in performance, if they continue over many days or weeks, should also be noted and acted on.

There are many different places to review and monitor performance, which we will cover now.

Progress & Performance dashboard

The Progress & Performance dashboard contains panels showing different aspects of your migration. These panels show the current state, as well as the state in the recent past. It even shows the overall progress. So, if you’re migrating everything from a source to target, you can easily see an overview of that.

Let’s look at some of the panels of information on this page.

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