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Migration Manager for AD 8.14 - Resource Kit User Guide

Format of the ExportProfile Parameter File

Domain=Migration Target Domain


Parameter Description
Domain Target domain. It is assumed that the user has been migrated from the source domain to the specified domain.

The file to which the program will write the ERRORLEVEL code description. This parameter can contain environment-variable strings to dynamically control the location of the log file. For example:



If the %LOGONSERVER% variable is not supported, then you can specify a path to a share with write access (same for all domain controllers). The Logon server will be resolved from the %PATH% system variable of the custom add-in and added to the beginning of the LogFileName. Use the following syntax:


AttemptNumber The program will attempt to run for the same account this number of times. After each run, the program increases its own counter in the registry and stops when the value given in the AttemptNumber parameter is reached. If the program is successful, it sets the counter in the registry to the value of AttemptNumber directly. The default is 0.

One of the following:

0 - Assume the migrated user names changed and use SIDHistory to establish account mapping. This is the default.

1 - Assume the migrated user names didn’t change.

Parameter File Example

Below is an example of an ExportProfile.ini file:


ExportProfile Return Codes

The following program return codes are set depending on the work results.

Return Code Description
-2 Unknown exception.
-1 Unknown error.
0 Success
1 Not a Windows NT/2000 OS.
2 Unrecognized or missing INI file.
3 No domain controllers found.
4 No new account found.
5 Current and new profile paths are equal.

Error accessing the registry.

7 MiniProfileMigration value is set for the target profile—the link hasn’t changed.
9 Subsequent run for the same profile.
10 Failed to load a required DLL.
11 Failed to retrieve the current user's SID.

Failed to find the current profile.3

13 Failed to find the new account at the target domain.
14 The resolved new SID is the same as the old SID.
15 Failed to copy the profile path.

Format of the ExportProfile Log File

The log file contains records for each run. The fields of each record are tab-delimited.

The records contain the following data:

Error code
Error Message
Auxiliary Error Message
\\Domain Controller

Here Profile is the logon profile of the Account, Key is the key in the registry for the migrated account, and Domain Controller is the computer used to obtain the Key.


This utility associates the profile of the user currently being migrated with the source account. As a result, the same profile will be shared between the source and target accounts.

NOTE: The utility links the new account to the old profile. However, it does not grant the new account the permissions needed to use the profile. This has to be done manually or with other Migration Manager components. See the Resource Updating section of the Migration Manager for Active Directory User Guide for details.

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