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Migration Manager for AD 8.14 - Resource Kit User Guide

RegWalker Return Codes

The following program return codes are set depending on the work results.

Return Code Description
0 Success.
1 Unknown error.
2 Invalid startup parameters.
3 Parameter file was not found.
4 Could not resolve domain controller name.
5 Migrated users map file was not found
6 Migrated users map file format error.
7 Computer list file was not found.
8 Task description file was not found or invalid.
9 Can't write to log file.

Computer List File Format

This file can be used in the command prompt start mode to process the specified computers remotely. The file must be a plain text file containing a list of computers and users in the following format:


The selected operations will be performed on the computers specified in the computer list file if the path to the registry subtree does not contain the computer name.

The string variable {ComputerName} is replaced with the currently processed computer name. {UserName} and {Domain} variables are replaced with user and domain names taken from the list, and {DomainSID} and {UserRID} variables are replaced with the SID and RID of the specified domain respectively.

If a domain name is not specified in the computer list file, the domain name will be taken from the parameter file. If the parameter file does not contain the domain name, the domain name of the user account under which RegWalker runs will be used.

The user that starts the process must have sufficient access rights on the registry.

Computer List File Example


Migrated Users Map File

This file is generated by Resource Updating Manager and contains source-target user mappings. The name of the file is specified in the Resource Updating Manager; the default name is vmover.ini. RegWalker can work with uncompressed files only. This file is used by RegWalker to find correspondence between source and target users.

Format of the RegWalker Output File

The output files contain information specified by the Output operation. Each file name consists of the domain name, computer name, and user name, delimited by semicolons.

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