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Migration Manager for AD 8.14 - Resource Kit User Guide


Migration Manager Resource Kit is a growing collection of utilities that can work alone or in concert to customize the migration process. Each utility has been developed in close cooperation with our customers and partners. Using one or more of these utilities can significantly simplify your migration.

The utilities can be classified as follows:

Each utility is described in detail in its own topic.

Profile Updating Utilities

Although SIDHistory takes care of access to resources, it does not take care of user profiles, which control such things as the desktop appearance, preferences, and programs. In order for users to have the same profiles in the target domain as they had in the source domain, Quest offers two utilities that can be distributed through user logon scripts and update profiles as appropriate. Each utility works in a similar fashion and supports a controlled and complete profile migration. The two utilities do not rely on each other, but when used together, they ensure that users will not be disrupted because of profile problems.

The ExportProfile utility should be run while the users are still logging on to the source domain, but their accounts have been migrated to the target domain along with SIDHistory. The utility dynamically creates a mapping of the current source account to new target account and updates profile links. This operation is totally transparent to the end user, and all results can be centrally logged. We anticipate this utility will be used for about 90% of the migrated user profiles. If the utility has already been run on a machine for the user logging in, it will not run again.

The ChangeProfile utility should be run when the users begin logging into the new domain. This utility will update a profile if it was not updated by ExportProfile, which would be the case if the user did not log in to that machine while ExportProfile was in use. ChangeProfile requires that a user log out once ChangeProfile has updated the user’s profile.

Account and Computer Updating Utilities

The RegWalker is a command line tool used to search and replace textual information in a Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/2003 registry database. The search operation can be performed on keys, values, and data. The replace operation can be performed on only values. The utility can be deployed through logon scripts to automate mass client reconfigurations. Some situations in which the utility might be used include the moving of Windows 9x workstations to a new domain, and the reconfiguring of Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 and Windows 9x for a new application or file server during server consolidation.

The GetRsl is a command-line utility that reports current registry size and the registry size limit for a remote computer.

The OCSMigrator utility helps you migrate OCS/LCS accounts after you migrate the corresponding Active Directory accounts. The utility also migrates group lists, contact lists and block lists.

Miscellaneous Utilities

InputBox provides a graphical user interface to command-line utilities. It can be used with Migration Manager Resource Kit utilities or any other applications that accept their parameters from the command line.

GPMCExport custom add-in allows administrators to migrate group policy objects (GPOs) when performing the domain migration.

CertMgr utility can be used to automate the encryption certificate migration used to give access to encrypted NTFS files.

SSNCreator utility can export the migration account mapping to the Domain Migration Wizard session format. This format can be used to re-permission resources by other applications such as Quest Consolidator.

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