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Metalogix StoragePoint 5.9 - Large File User Guide


Metalogix StoragePoint provides significant benefits to the Microsoft SharePoint experience for both the end-user and administrator. These benefits include faster upload and download speeds for documents, faster search crawls, ability to connect existing file shares to SharePoint, efficient storage of any size document, and hierarchical storage management for document archiving. These benefits are derived from a change in the document storage architecture through the use of Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) that will offload BLOBs from SQL databases to virtually any storage device. Natively, BLOBs compose 95% of the overall database volume. This is problematic because SQL does not efficiently process non-relation data, adding significant overhead that impacts SQL’s I/O performance, including backup operations.

Implementing a remote BLOB storage solution will allow you to take faster and smaller backups as well as increase the speed to recovery. This translates to faster Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO). However, now that BLOBs are external to SQL, they must be backed up using another method. Metalogix StoragePoint provides this ability by automatically backing up BLOBs for you.

This document outlines the best practices associated with backing up and restoring SharePoint content using native SharePoint and SQL backup methods when Metalogix StoragePoint is in use. Lastly, this document will outline the benefits of utilizing Metalogix SharePoint Backup to improve upon your existing backup strategy.

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