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Metalogix StoragePoint 5.9 - Known Issues

Selecting Scope for a Profile goes to Central Admin

The issue occurs when selecting the scope of a profile. The change button is clicked which opens a window to show the SharePoint Farm structure. If a different Web Application is selected in the upper right corner, the new window that opens shows the Central Admin page instead of the list of Web Applications.

The root cause was that the Central Admin session that was opened to access StoragePoint was not using the default internal Alternate Access Mapping.

For example, to access Central Admin someone was using http://servername.fullyqualified:100 and not http://servername:100. The default internal AAM should be used.

Scheduling the Process Existing Jobs

When Archiving, Records or Holds are enabled on a profile, the Process Existing dialog is displayed when saving the profile. This allows those newly created rules to be applied to existing content, and categorically migrate the content to the correct endpoint.

If the job is to be scheduled for a later time (process existing content at a later time, such as when most users are not online) rather than immediately, the date and time pickers are displayed below, and scrolling down may be necessary.

Customized or Unghosted Files

Customized or unghosted files will not be excluded from externalization unless the profile endpoint selection mode is asynchronous. See Synchronous versus Asynchronous in the Metalogix StoragePoint Reference Guide for more information.

unghosted sync



unghosted ghosted

Content Database Backup Endpoint Change

If a StoragePoint profile is currently configured to perform content database backups with StoragePoint, there is a Backup endpoint on the profile. This Backup endpoint will still be used for storing blob backups, but no longer for content database backups.


·As of the 5.7 release, all content database backups performed by StoragePoint will be created in the Content Database Backup Endpoint. This same endpoint, along with the Staging Path, will be used with the RestorePoint for StoragePoint interface. Both the Content Database Backup Endpoint and Staging Path are configured on General Settings in StoragePoint. Neither RestorePoint for StoragePoint nor content database backups will work without these two locations defined.

·The first thing to do is create the new Content Database Backup Endpoint on General Settings. This location has to be a fileshare and uses the fileshare adapter.

·Old content database backups on the Backup Endpoint are no longer supported and can be deleted. They will not be deleted by the Unused BLOB Cleanup job, but can be manually deleted. They can no longer be used with StoragePoint backup and restore operations.

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