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Metalogix StoragePoint 5.9 - IBM COS Adapter Guide

Backup Strategies

The following is an overview of out of the box SharePoint backup methods as well as an overview of Metalogix SharePoint Backup processes.


Out-of-the-Box (OOTB) SharePoint Backup

OOTB SharePoint backup can be accomplished using either of two methods: The SharePoint PowerShell Cmdlets and Native SQL Server Backup.

The SharePoint PowerShell cmdlet Backup-SPSite iterates through the site, and its sub-sites if requested, and outputs a file that can be used to restore the objects.  This method is very slow as it is required to crawl through the content and extract the elements to build the backup file.  The amount of time required to back up a large amount of content with this method precludes its use for anything other than specific high-value content.

SQL Server Backup

The Native SQL Backup is generally the preferred OOTB method for backing up SharePoint content.  This method uses the maintenance routines within SQL Server to backup entire content databases.  This method is much faster than the Backup-SPSite method, but lacks the ability to easily recover a granular item.  As content grows this method can also become very time consuming, extremely manual, and impact recovery point objectives.

Metalogix SharePoint Backup

Metalogix SharePoint Backup is designed to backup SharePoint configuration and content.  The tool provides granular recovery of SharePoint objects from its own backups and can even utilize existing SharePoint and SQL Server backup files for granular recovery.

The robust interface also allows for the scheduling of full and differential Volume Shadow Copy (VSS snapshots) backups with automatic retention policies applied. In addition to protecting SharePoint content, Metalogix Backup protects other components that reside on web front end servers like the SharePoint hive, application root folders, .Net configuration, the global assembly cache, the certificate store, and more. From there, recovery is simple yet flexible.

Unlike SharePoint’s recovery features, Metalogix Backup utilizes the object model to perform full fidelity restores. In order to be prepared for a restore event using out of the box backups, you must create complicated backup scripts that involve multiple jobs to both backup at the farm level as well as perform granular backups of site collections and exports of sites and lists. With Metalogix SharePoint Backup, you will be prepared to perform granular recoveries of any SharePoint object without having to worry about running three separate backup jobs. Instead, you can utilize farm level backups from Metalogix, or SharePoint backups, or SQL database backups to perform any type of granular restore. Regarding SQL backups, granular recovery can be performed from full, differential, and transaction log backup types.


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