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Metalogix StoragePoint 5.9 - FTP Adapter Guide

StoragePoint Configuration and Document References

When StoragePoint is in use, two additional items need to be backed up to ensure a successful recovery: The StoragePoint configuration and the BLOBs. StoragePoint’s configuration is housed in a database and includes the endpoints, profiles and any librarian definitions that have been created.

One way to ensure this is accomplished is to back up the StoragePoint database in conjunction with any SharePoint content database backups. The StoragePoint database (by default this database is named StoragePoint) should be backed up last, after all SharePoint content databases have been backed up. This ensures that the configuration is in sync with the SharePoint content databases.

Another method for backing up the StoragePoint configuration is to use the built in Configuration Import/Export tool. This tool can be found under the General Settings link of StoragePoint toward the bottom of the page. Whenever any StoragePoint configuration change is made, the export should be accomplished. When recovering, import the file that matches the configuration at the time the content is being recovered for. If there was no change to StoragePoint’s configuration, this step can be skipped.



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