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Metalogix StoragePoint 5.9.2 - Reference Guide

Planning the Metalogix StoragePoint Implementation Backup/Restore and Disaster Recovery Synchronous versus Asynchronous Setting up Metalogix StoragePoint Default Values General Settings Managing Storage and Backup Endpoints Managing Storage Profiles
Creating a New Storage Profile Editing an Existing Storage Profile Converting a Profile to RBS Copying a Profile Delete an Existing Storage Profile Storage Profile Timer Jobs
Metalogix StoragePoint Timer Job Monitoring File Share Librarian Large File Support Dashboard User Experience Activating the Software Appendix A: Import\Export Tool

Notification Email

If the Unused BLOB Cleanup, Externalization, Migration or Recall jobs are configured to send a completion notification email to one or more recipients, the email will provide summary information similar to the following:

And one similar to this for the Unused BLOB Cleanup job:

General Settings

The General Settings page allows for the configuration of the farm-wide timer jobs as well as other System Configuration settings.

Click the General Settings link on the Application Management page in SharePoint Central Administration.
menu-general settings

The sections on this page can be collapsed or expanded as needed, using the arrows on the right side of the screen, for easier navigation.
general settings accordians

Farm Wide Timer Jobs


Master and Worker Configuration

Some Farm Wide Timer Jobs as well as Storage Profile Specific Timer Jobs allow the workload to be balanced among the servers in the farm, versus Standalone (default) on one server. How many and which servers will assist in processing the selected timer job, as well as which server will be the Master of completing the jobs can be configured for each job.

·The Farm Wide Timer Job that has this feature is Content Migrator. This is found under General Settings.

·The Storage Profile Specific Timer Jobs that have this are BLOB Externalization, BLOB Recall, BLOB Backup and BLOB Migration. These are found under the Jobs link for each storage profile, except BLOB Backup, which is on the storage profile page under backup settings.


1.Click the In Job Role dropdown to select Master. (Note the server selected in the on Server field.)


2.Click the Change link to select which other servers will be the workers. Use the Select All link (if applicable) to select all the available servers. Click OK to save changes.

3.Confirm the selection is reflected on the General Settings or Timer Job page.


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