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Metalogix StoragePoint 5.9.2 - Large File User Guide

Large File Upload Details

Access to the Large File Upload details is found on the context menu:

METALO~1_img196 large file details 2013

The details will show the item as the aspx, but the other details relate to the location of the actual content.

The data shown in the Large File Details window will depend on the access of the logged in user. A Site Collection or Farm Administrator will see the same date they would see on StoragePoint Details, but a user with contribute access will see only the name and size of the file.

Farm and Site Collection Administrators’ view of Large File Details:

Contribute Level User’s view of Large File Details. Use the download link on this page if the SharePoint link is not opening the file.

Editing Large File Uploads

Files uploaded using the Large File Upload tool can’t be edited like regular uploads. To edit the files, it must be checked out first. Open the file, save a copy locally, and upload the edited file using the large file upload interface. This will overwrite the current file.


If versioning is enabled on the document library, the previous versions are accessed by selecting the version in the dropdown of the StoragePoint Large File Details window, and clicking the Download link.

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