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Metalogix StoragePoint 5.9.2 - Known Issues

FIPS Compliance

Enabling Federal Information Processing Standards can cause errors across the SharePoint farm and is not compatible with StoragePoint.

Incorrect Endpoint Size and BLOB Count on Dashboard

After running the unused blob cleanup to confirm dashboard metrics have been collected recently, there may still be a discrepancy between the data reported on the dashboard, and the actual number/size of data on the endpoints. If there seems to be a discrepancy, use the values directly from the endpoint.

If the endpoint has a retention period enabled over and above any retention periods configured in SharePoint (recycle bins) or StoragePoint (retention period), BLOBS on these endpoints may be counted as 'Unused BLOB Files Removed' in the Unused BLOB Cleanup Job Summary.


If the SharePoint farm is configured to use both EBS and RBS, StoragePoint will only use RBS. For example, if there is Site Collection scoped profile that is using EBS, but also a broader scoped Content Database profile that is using RBS and covers the scope of the EBS profile, content will be externalized using the RBS Content Database profile.

Using the StoragePoint EBS to RBS Conversion timer job, warnings may be occasionally experienced if Records and Holds Management are enabled on the profile(s) affected. These errors are not harmful and can be ignored.

Using the Previous Version of SharePoint for the Look and Feel

If sites are being created with a user interface from a previous version, i.e. creating a site in SharePoint 2013 with a SharePoint 2010 look, the StoragePoint controls will not be available. Please contact support with the SharePoint version and the exact version of StoragePoint. A solution can be made available.

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