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Metalogix StoragePoint 5.9.2 - Known Issues

Uninstalling other Metalogix Products

If other Metalogix products are used on the SharePoint farm, i.e. Content Matrix Organizer, and the other product is uninstalled, StoragePoint links may not work. To resolve this, run the StoragePoint Installer with the Repair option.

Applying CU or Updates

Applying a Microsoft SharePoint Cumulative Update/StoragePoint Update or upgrade will require an iisreset and a reboot of the timer service on all servers in the farm. Full database backup before the upgrade is strongly recommended.

Large File Support

·StoragePoint has always been a tool to be used at the Site Collection Administrator and Farm Administrator level. When large file support is enabled by the administrator, the new user interface for Large File Uploads will be visible to anyone with contribute level or higher access, or with the Add Item security setting for a custom security level. These users may need some instruction on how to use the interface. Alternatively, it can be disabled farm-wide on the General Settings page. Please see the 'Administrators Should Know' section of the Metalogix StoragePoint Reference Guide for more information.

·If Large File Support is enabled, the Unused BLOB Cleanup job scans all content for orphaned BLOBs. If a Site Collection has recently been deleted, SharePoint doesn’t delete it until the Gradual Site Delete timer job has been run. The Unused BLOB Cleanup job may return errors until the deleted site collection is removed by SharePoint. It is recommended that the Gradual Site Delete timer job be manually run, after deleting a Site Collection.

·Archiving and Records and Holds Management are not compatible with Large File Uploads. Only the aspx file is moved. In the case of Records management, declaring and/or undeclaring a record causes the aspx file to stay in the system cache.

·In some cases, the open action for a large file will not work. In this case, open the Large File Details window and use the download link. Using the download link from SharePoint will download the aspx file.

·Large File Support is not compatible with Microsoft Edge browser.

Large File Content Type

When saving a storage profile, if a storage profile ever existed for the scope of the new profile, and Large File Support was enabled and used, a message about a duplicate content type might be displayed. The new profile is saved, however, and the message can be ignored.

The content type is called StoragePoint Document Link.

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