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Metalogix StoragePoint 5.9.2 - EMC Centera Adapter Guide

Retention Promotion from IMP

If retention settings have been configured in the SharePoint site or library, those retention settings will stay with the BLOB when it goes to the endpoint. To enable this, there is a box on the endpoint screen, when adding the endpoint to the profile. If the profile already exists, with the endpoint added, the feature can still be enabled, but will only be applied to BLOBs created after the feature is enabled.

1.Open or create the profile.

2.Add the endpoint to the profile.

3.On the endpoint screen, at the bottom, will be an option to Enable Retention Promotion from IMP. Check this box.retentionpromotionfromIMP

Event Based Retention

EBR is a feature that can be configured for certain storage endpoints. In addition to the default retention that can be configured on the endpoint, certain actions like updating a field can update the content to specify a different retention period. The steps for configuring the adapter to support EBR are outlined below.

The endpoint must be added to the profile for the following steps to work.

1.Expand the Archiving section of the profile.

2.Set the Enable Archiving dropdown to Yes.

3.Click New Rule.

4.Click Change to select the scope of the rule, which can be as wide as the profile scope or as narrow as a list. Click OK.

5.Select Metadata Change Rule and click New Condition.

6.By selecting the same endpoint that was added to the profile, a new field displays for designating EBR. Check the EBR box, select a field to base the retention on, and enter the number of days to which to update the retention time.

7.Click OK on the Condition window.

8.Click OK on the Rule window.

9.Click Save on the archiving page.

10.(OPTIONAL) Select Immediately or schedule a timer job to run, to process existing content for this archiving rule. Click OK on the Process Existing page.

NOTE: Content retention is modified when the field changes, not when it is uploaded. Uploaded content will receive the default retention setting, but modifying the designated EBR field will update the retention setting for that content.

Appendix: Troubleshooting


Problem: Receiving errors on storage or retrieval of externalized content.

Wherever possible, StoragePoint surfaces error messages returned by the adapter either directly to the user or within the SharePoint ULS logs. You should refer to your storage platform/provider documentation for resolution to errors logged by the adapter.

NOTE: If there is a mechanism in place such as a batch script or built-in tool to delete or move content from the endpoint after a certain timeframe or retention period, this can impact content in SharePoint. There are safeguards in place to track anything externalized to endpoints managed by a StoragePoint profile, but if the BLOBs are moved or deleted manually or by another mechanism, StoragePoint cannot track this.

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