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Metalogix StoragePoint 5.8 - PowerShell and API Reference Guide

PowerShell Guide
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Creating a Profile with Asynchronous Endpoint Selection

This example creates a profile that will select endpoints asynchronously. This allows the profile to support enhanced filters including file extension/type and multiple additional scope options including web, list and content type. This sample sets up a filter to externalize only Microsoft Word and Excel documents.


$siteid = Get-SiteCollectionId –s "http://sharepoint/site"


Add-Endpoint –epn "NAS Endpoint 1" –adn "FileSystem" –conn "path=\\NAS\FILESTORE"


Add-Profile –pn "Site Collection 1 Profile" –ptype SiteCollection –sid $siteid –SelectEndpointAsync –eid "NAS Endpoint 1" –EndpointFileTypeOp 1 –EndpointFileTypes "DOCX,DOC,XLS,XLSX"

Displaying All Endpoints Meeting Certain Criteria

This example displays all endpoints in the system whose name contains the word Test. This illustrates the use of WHERE filters in PowerShell as well as use of StoragePoint API object properties (EndpointAPI.Name and .Connection in this case).

$Endpoints = Get-AllEndpoints | Where-Object {$_.Name -Like "*Test*"}

ForEach ($ep in $Endpoints) {$ep.Name + " : " + $ep.Connection}

Displaying All BLOB Files Associated with a SharePoint Document

This example displays all BLOB files associated with a given document in SharePoint. This includes versions and drafts/checked out versions, etc.

$blobs = Get-BLOB –doc "http://spsite/documents/123.tif"

ForEach ($b in $blobs) {$b.Endpoint.Name + " : " + $b.FilePath}

StoragePoint API Reference

StoragePoint API Overview


StoragePoint exposes APIs for performing actions from custom Microsoft .net framework code. A Profile Creation api (ProfileAPI) is exposed as well as a Blob Migration API (BlobAPI), a Blob Reference API (BlobReferenceAPI), Archive API (ArchiveAPI), Validator API (ValidatorAPI) and Timer Job API (TimerJobAPI). These APIs are callable only from Microsoft .net framework languages (i.e. C#, and can only run on a Web Front End server in a SharePoint farm.


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