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Metalogix StoragePoint 5.8 - PowerShell and API Reference Guide

PowerShell Guide
StoragePoint PowerShell Overview Getting Started Profile and Endpoint Management Cmdlets Timer Job Scheduling Cmdlets BLOB Information and Migration Cmdlets Miscellaneous SharePoint Utility Cmdlets PowerShell Script Examples StoragePoint API Reference


This command externalizes the BLOB or shreds of one SharePoint item to the StoragePoint Endpoint.


·-Url : Full URL of the document, folder, list or library you wish to externalize. REQUIRED.


Invoke-ExternalizeItem -Url "http://lcamachoc-dv22:18764/sites/testSiteCollection/Shared%20Documents/Externalization1.pdf"


Miscellaneous SharePoint Utility Cmdlets

The StoragePoint cmdlet library contains some miscellaneous functions to help lookup values in SharePoint that may be needed by the other commands in the library. It is important to note that there are other methods of finding these values, especially in SharePoint 2010 which has an extensive PowerShell cmdlet library of its own.


This command gets the Site Collection Id for the site collection associated with the site URL


·SiteUrl (s): The URL of the SharePoint site. REQUIRED.


This command gets the Content DB Id for the content database of the specified site collection.


·SiteUrl (s): The URL of the SharePoint site. REQUIRED.

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