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Metalogix StoragePoint 5.8 - PowerShell and API Reference Guide

PowerShell Guide
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BLOB Information and Migration Cmdlets

The StoragePoint cmdlet library contains functions to query for BLOB file information and also to migrate individual BLOBs.


This command returns a list of BLOB Reference objects based on a SharePoint CAML query executed against a specific SharePoint document library.


·SiteUrl (s): The URL of the SharePoint site with which a profile is associated. REQUIRED.

·List (l): The SharePoint document library to query.

·Query (q): The CAML query in order to find the needed BLOB reference(s).


The following runs a CAML query, finding all documents that have a file name which contains "tif". The BLOB Reference objects for the results of the query will be returned in a list.

Get-AllBLOBs -s http://sharepoint/docs -l Shared Documents -q "<Where><Contains><FieldRef Name=FileLeafRef /><Value Type=File>tif</Value></Contains></Where>


This command migrates an externalized SharePoint document’s BLOB to another endpoint.


·DocUrl (doc): Absolute URL of the document BLOB to migrate. REQUIRED.

·EndpointId (ep): The Id (GUID) or name of the target endpoint. REQUIRED.

·IncludeVersions (iv): If specified (-IncludeVersions), command will migrate all versions of the document as well.


The following example moves a BLOB to the endpoint MainEndpoint2.

Move-BLOB -doc “http://sharepoint/docs/documents/123.tif” -ep MainEndpoint2


This command recalls one SharePoint item to the content database. If any of the shreds (chunks) of the BLOB are shared, they will be recalled.


·-Url : Full URL of the document you wish to recall. REQUIRED.


Invoke-RecallItem -Url "http://lcamachoc-dv22:18764/sites/testSiteCollection/Shared%20Documents/Externalization1.pdf"


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