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Metalogix StoragePoint 5.8 - IBM COS Adapter Guide

Converting from EBS to RBS for Site Collection Scoped Profiles

These steps are for StoragePoint versions prior to 5.1.3305, but at least 4.1. If the version of StoragePoint is prior to 4.1, contact Metalogix to upgrade StoragePoint.

To upgrade an EBS site collection profile to RBS, follow these steps within Central Administration:

1)On the Storage Profiles page, click the Create New Profile link. Create a profile with a content database scope and make sure the Use Remote Blob Storage button is selected.

a.Add an endpoint to the profile where all site collections under the content database will write their blobs. (See the StoragePoint Installation and Administration guide for more information on creating profiles and endpoints.)

2)On the Storage Profiles page, click the Jobs link next to the RBS profile created in step #1.

3)On the Timer Jobs page, schedule or immediately run an Externalization job to convert EBS blob references in the content database to RBS.

4)Do not delete the EBS profiles. Change the Externalization option on the EBS profile to No and save the profile. (Note that these EBS profiles will now, effectively, be orphaned so leaving them within the interface will not have any effect on the new RBS externalization.)

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