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Metalogix StoragePoint 5.8 - EMC Centera Adapter Guide

Converting from EBS to RBS for StoragePoint Prior to 5.1.3305

This feature is only available on SharePoint 2010 for content database or web app scoped profiles. If a

profile was initially configured to use EBS, there will be a link allowing for a one-time upgrade.


NOTE: If the version of StoragePoint is prior to 4.1, contact Metalogix to upgrade StoragePoint.

To upgrade an EBS-based content database or web application profile to RBS, follow these steps within Central Administration:

1.On the Edit Storage Profile page, click the Upgrade from EBS to RBS link.20102013 upgrade 2
A new window will open.

2.Schedule the conversion, or leave Immediately selected. (Optional) Click Show to open the Advanced Job Settings and configure processing threads, Master/Worker setup, and completion notice information. Click Convert.20102013 upgrade 3

3.Click OK on the prompt to confirm.
20102013 upgrade 4

4.Click OK on the confirmation prompt.
20102013 upgrade 5

5.The page is returned to the profile page. Note the change to the profile scope.
20102013 upgrade 6

6.On the Job Summary page, there will be an entry for the EBS to RBS Conversion timer job.20102013 upgrade 7

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