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Metalogix StoragePoint 5.8 - Advanced Installation Guide

Converting from EBS to RBS for StoragePoint Prior to 5.1.3305

This feature is only available on SharePoint 2010 for content database or web app scoped profiles. If a

profile was initially configured to use EBS, there will be a link allowing for a one-time upgrade.


NOTE: If the version of StoragePoint is prior to 4.1, contact Metalogix to upgrade StoragePoint.

To upgrade an EBS-based content database or web application profile to RBS, follow these steps within Central Administration:

1.On the Edit Storage Profile page, click the Upgrade from EBS to RBS link.20102013 upgrade 2
A new window will open.

2.Schedule the conversion, or leave Immediately selected. (Optional) Click Show to open the Advanced Job Settings and configure processing threads, Master/Worker setup, and completion notice information. Click Convert.20102013 upgrade 3

3.Click OK on the prompt to confirm.
20102013 upgrade 4

4.Click OK on the confirmation prompt.
20102013 upgrade 5

5.The page is returned to the profile page. Note the change to the profile scope.
20102013 upgrade 6

6.On the Job Summary page, there will be an entry for the EBS to RBS Conversion timer job.20102013 upgrade 7

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