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Metalogix Sensitive Content Manager 2.1.1 - Release Notes

Known issues

The following is a list of issues, including those issues attributed to third-party products, known to exist at the time of release.


Reference No.

The SCM Document Routing Service (DRS) fails with the message: "Could not find file in FileStorage" when you submit a zip file which contains a duplicate filename within its folder hierarchy and a DRS restart occurs while processing the zip file contents.


installer.log file is not created when the installer is launched automatically after a restart due to a .NET framework installation.


Exception log messages distort the Logs screen after expanding and then refreshing the page.


Special characters in destination or file storage folder name will cause the installation to fail.


License re-validation message for an expired license is not displayed.


Exception logs are not shown completely when expanded for long messages in Internet Explorer.


Rollback is not triggered when Hostname on the IIS Information screen has special characters in it.


IIS Firewall rules are not regenerated when you run the installer to repair or upgrade.


Rabbit configuration details (PEM file, Rabbit certificate, etc.) are not regenerated when upgrading or repairing SCM.

Workaround: uninstall and reinstall SCM.


A non local-admin service account user is not able to clear registry during installation but logs a confusing message in the log : "License details collected from the installer could not be committed to the service connection point"

Workaround: Assign local admin rights to the service account.


Restarting the VM or ending the installer process in the middle of an installation causes failures when attempting to re-install.

Workaround: Run the Microsoft install and uninstall tool to repair the installation.


Some logs entries appear with incorrect TimeStamp while the system gradually upgrades the different services from 2.0 to 2.1


SCM 2.0 - The Administration Center UI prompts for user credentials 3 times on Windows 2016 and IE v11.3808

Workaround: Use Chrome or Edge browser, or add the site to the intranet zone .


SCM Installer fails if IIS Express 8 is installed on the target server.

Workaround: Uninstall IIS Express and try again.


Administration Center UI in both Chrome and Firefox shows incorrect time if auto adjust for DST is disabled.


The installation fails intermittently on Windows 2012 with the error 'Subquestion service deployment failed with Error: Access to path erlang.cookie is denied'.

Workaround: Uninstall SCM completely and install again.


Some characters that can be considered as delimiters or separators affect keyword detection and may result in false positive search term detections in Excel and CSV files.


A Search term with a semicolon in its title is incorrectly separated with a space on the Report Details screen.


When using IE11 to open the Administration Center the unauthorized access page appears instead of the authentication dialog page.


When new SCM node is installed, the services Log Level in appsettings.json file is reset to the default value of "Warning" regardless of the Log Level setting in the main node.


Any 8- or 11-character words with a valid country code in the 5th and 6th characters are incorrectly detected as valid Swift Codes.


A service-only server cannot be repaired if the primary SCM server has been configured to run its services using the Local System account and the service-only server account does not have proper permissions on the SCP.



Version History

Resolved issues from previous versions are listed below.

Version 2.1

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.


Work Item

Decimal numbers were incorrectly detected as LUHN10, Credit card numbers, NHS Number and US National Provider ID



Version 2.0

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.


Work Item

Installer could not be executed on a Windows Domain Controller.


Installer did not populate the Service identity User when the installation server is joined to a child domain, but the service identity user is selected from a Parent domain.


SCM Administration Center did not render correctly if during installation you specified a security group from a parent domain, but the IIS server resides in a child domain.


In Repair mode, the Browse button for Domain Account was incorrectly enabled in the Service Account Credentials step.



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