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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Upgrade Guide

Upgrading Replicator

Upgrading of Replicator simply requires you to run the newer versions of the installation and configuration wizard over your current version - this is an in-place upgrade. Newer versions of Replicator can be installed directly over any earlier Replicator release. To do this, run the Replicator installer and complete the Configuration Wizard as described in this guide in the Configuring Replicator For the First Server in a Multi-Server Farm section and Configuring Replicator on Subsequent Servers in a Multi-Server Farm section. Upgraded Replicator farms will still be able to replicate to and from farms that are not upgraded.


Upgrades can also be performed by uninstalling and reinstalling Replicator. For details on how to upgrade from 7.3.1705.0 or lower see the Upgrade Guide for instructions.



Compatibility NOTE:

·Customized lists in website maps will not import from 7.3 and earlier to 7.4, and vice versa. (TFS# 277457)

·Replicator does not suport replication from versions 7.4.1706.0 and higher to versions 7.3.1705.0 and lower. (TFS# 300650)

·Importing Replicator settings with customized maps from versions 7.4.1706.0 and lower disables all list and folder maps. (TFS# 302224)

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