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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Product and Concepts Guide


Direct replication mode uses only one path between any two web applications in the Replication Network.


Adaptive replication mode selects the best source for inbound replication packages. When starting a transfer, Replicator picks the best connection to use from the available connections with the packages.

Picking the Right Replication Mode

This section will cover some of the considerations you should take into account when deciding when to use Direct or Adaptive mode for replication.

Remapping Site Structure

The custom binding feature is used to remap site structure when replicating. You can use custom binding to replicate from http://corporateoffice/public to http://extranet/ or from http://londonoffice/sites/finance to http://corporateoffice/sites/finance_london.

Custom binding can only be used in Direct mode.

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