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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Product and Concepts Guide

Product and Concepts Guide

About the Product and Concepts Guide

The Metalogix Replicator Product and Concepts Guide provides you with product-related information such as details about each edition of the product, a reference architecture, and various concepts.

Organization of this Guide

The Product and Concepts Guide includes the following information:

1.About the Product and Concepts Guide

2.Key Features


4.Metalogix Replicator Editions and Features

5.Metalogix Replicator Reference Architecture

Metalogix Replicator Documentation

Metalogix Replicator documentation ships with the Metalogix Replicator distribution. It is also available at the Metalogix Product Resource Center,

The Metalogix Replicator documentation set consists of the following guides:

Product and Concepts Guide

The Product and Concepts Guide provides a high-level overview of Metalogix Replicator and describes new features introduced in this release.

Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide guides you through a basic installation and configuration of Replicator. After completing this guide you will have a working Replicator Network where changes made on one web application are automatically replicated to the other. You will be able to move onto the Evaluation Guide to perform various Metalogix Replicator scenario tests on your environment.

Installation Guide

The Installation Guide guides you through installation, uninstall, and upgrading of Metalogix Replicator in various SharePoint farm configurations.

Evaluation Guide

The Evaluation Guide guides you through various Metalogix Replicator scenarios, provided for the purpose of reviewing Replicator within your own SharePoint environment. Prospective Clients are encouraged to use this guide to test Replicator.

Reference Guide

The Reference Guide describes the operations and user interface available to replication administrators through the SharePoint Central Administration and Site Administration pages.

Command-line Reference

The Command-line Reference describes the PowerShell commands you can use to configure and maintain your Replication Network.

Scenario Guides

Scenario Guides describe specific product features and how to implement and configure them for your SharePoint environment.

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