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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Configuring SFTP with Metalogix Replicator

Transport Settings

The Replictoar Monitor Update Level setting controls the number of updates sent between the source and target, in order to communicate the status of a package. By setting the Replicator Monitor Update Level, in your connection�s Bits Transport Settings, to minimal, you reduce the number of package updates that are being sent between the source and target. This results in less updates which means there is less data transfers involved. This in turn decreases network traffic. However, it is important to note that doing this results in less updates on the Monitor Replicator page on the packages tab, which means that less information is available for packages. As a result, users will not be able to track the current state of in process packages on the target from the source.


Follow these steps in order to set your BITS transport settings to minimal:

1.Navigate to Application Management, on the Central Administration page.

2.Select Manage Replication Connections, under the Metalogix Replicator section.

3.Select the connection for which you wish to adjust the BITS Transport Settings.

4.Navigate to the bottom of the Configure Replication Connection page, and expand the BITS Transport Settings Section.

5.Set the Replication Monitor Update Level to Minimal.

6.Click Ok to save your changes.


Perform these steps on every connection where you wish to set your BITS Transport setting for Replication Monitor Update Levels to Minimal.


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