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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Configuring SFTP with Metalogix Replicator

Refreshing a Remote Replication Server from a Backup

This method is the most complete method of backup. It is ideal for setting up a disaster recovery scenario where the disaster recovery environment needs to be identical to your main environment. Use the method described here to get the second web application up and running using a backup of the SharePoint database from the first web application.

This scenario assumes that there are two servers involved: CorporateOffice and LondonOffice.

Configure Replicator to be in Manual mode:

1. Go to Central Administration on the Corporate Office server.

2. Click Application Management

3. Click Manage Map Families

4. Click the appropriate map family

5. Change the schedule for the map family to �manually�

6. Go to central admin on the London Office server

7. Go to Configure Web Application and disable replication.

8. On London office go back to application management then Manage Map families.

9. Delete the map family for the site collection you will restore on the London office.

Behind the Scenes

Once you have completed the preceding steps, the source server, CorporateOffice, is still queuing packages in the background that will later be applied when the destination LondonOffice is up and accessible.
Changes to the web application data, that Replicator tracks, are captured while your backup is in transport. Later in this document you will see how to start replication and force these packages to execute.

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