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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Configuring SFTP with Metalogix Replicator


Replicate bidirectionally between a site collection in Farm MOE Data Center and a Farm School. Each school has a separate site collection in Farm MOE Data Center, totaling 136 farms.


DIYARME summarizes the environment as:

We are building a LMS built on top of SharePoint. We have a datacenter that will host a SharePoint Farm and other Farms hosted on different schools.

Datacenter will have all the sitecollections for all schools and each school will have a local copy from its own sitecollection.

What we need is to have bidirectional replications between the datacenter and the schools where we are replicating each and every change occurred at each side.

Each direction of synchronization needs to be configured at different time interval.

Another concern is that we are using SLK( SharePoint Learning Kit ) within our LMS, our concern is, can we replicate it between the datacenter and schools having in mind that SLK stores the sitecollection and Website GUIDs of the assignments data  in its own separate SQL Database apart from SharePoint DB and these GUIDs are different from the Farm at datacenter to Farms at schools.

Replication from data center to schools is expected to run daily at midnight. Replication from schools to the data center is expected to run daily at 2:30pm.

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