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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Configuring SFTP with Metalogix Replicator

Configuring Replicator for Disaster Recovery

There is more than one way to configure Metalogix Replicator for disaster recovery scenarios. This document describes one of these configurations in detail. Specifically, we will create a separate and isolated web application, configure one-way replication to the DR web application, and then synchronize it with our primary SharePoint web application.

Draft: The following steps will be broken out into separate sections, each with more detail.


a.DR configuration is completely separate from other Replication config. http://corporate can replicate bidirectionally to your other farms for geo-replication and COOP, but for this doc, we'll have a http://corporate-dr web app that we specifically and separately configure.


a.One way replication from http://corporate to http://corporate-dr. Group exists on both web apps for recovery, but is currently unused on the DR web app.

b.Enable replication for alerts by running the "repadm �o EnableAlertReplication" command.

c.Turn off outgoing email on the DR farm to avoid duplicate notifications.

3.Ongoing Maintenance

a.Run Replication Report regularly to validate and synchronize content on DR web app.

b.Perform a site collection backup regularly for comprehensive synch on DR web app.

i.Note: This ensures DR site has all content, structure, and permissions from source. Does not allow for domain remapping, user remapping, or granular replication.

4.Failover to DR

a.Redirect clients to DR farm (not a Replicator task).

b.Turn on outgoing email from DR farm.

c.Turn alerts on using the "repadm �o Alerts" command.


a.Restore http://corporate and reconfigure Replicator as described in 2a.

b.Remove the "to DR" connection from the group on http://corporate.

c.Add the "to Primary" connection to the group on http://corporate-dr.

d.Perform a site collection backup from DR to primary to re-synchronize the primary web app with any changes made during the outage.

e.Remove the "to Primary" connection from the group on http://corporate-dr.

f.Add the "to DR" connection to the group on http://corporate.

g.Turn off outgoing email from DR farm.




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